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2016 WCHS 73rd Convention
January 19, 2016 — Tour
January 20-21, 2016 Program (pdf slide downloads)

Managing Orchards for Sustainability and Profitability-An inside look of Cherry Production. >>
Integrating Biology and Technology in Sweet Cherry Orchards. >>
Dr. Matthew Whiting Bio: Washington State University's stone fruit physiology research and outreach program, focusing on key horticultural and physiological issues facing the state's tree fruit industries.  Dr. Whiting's research has investigated whole-canopy source-sink relations in sweet cherry and apple utilizing a novel whole-canopy gas exchange system.

Soils & Cover Crops: A 6-year study in Peach Production (comparison study) >>
Use of Cover Crops on Orchards, Vineyards and Vegetables >>
Dr. Jennifer Reeve Bio:
associate professor of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, Department of Plants Soils and Climate, Utah State University (USU). Her current research focuses on nutrient management and soil health in organic and integrated tree fruit, vegetable, pasture and grain systems.

An overview of the Hard Cider Industry and opportunities for apple growers in Colorado >>
Brad Page Bio:
He and his wife Kathe established Colorado Cider Company in Denver in the fall of 2010. Brad's background was in the craft beer industry where he was founding partner and brew master at CooperSmith's Pub and Brewing in Fort Collins.

Hard Cider Cultivars - A Grower View >>
David Takush Bio:
Head Cidermaker and Co-owner 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Corvallis Oregon. Growing up in the Willamette Valley, in the heart of the craft beer and wine movement, Dave developed a passion for fermentation at an early age. In 2010, he and two friends founded 2 Towns Ciderhouse and have been on the forefront of bringing craft cider back to people up and down the west coast.

Hops 101 >>
Hops: The big, the bad and the ugly. An overview of pest, disease and weed controls in hops production. >>
Tony Roth Bio: He began his career in agriculture in 1989. In 1995 he joined the G.S. Long team as a crop consultant consulting on hops and specializing in drip irrigation. In 2005 Tony also began consulting on wine grapes. Currently he consults on over 8,000 acres of hops, 1,000 acres of wine grapes and 14,000 acres of drip irrigation.

The Three C's: Coryneum blight, Cytospora canker & Control >>
The Use of Fungicides for Tree Fruit Diseases: activity and resistance management
Dr. George Sundin Bio: Professor of Plant Pathology and Tree Fruit Pathology Lab, Michigan State University.  He has been at MSU since 2002 and has Extension responsibilities in tree fruit disease control.  His research includes field and lab studies covering management of fire blight, fungicide resistance in apple and cherry pathogens, and the evaluation of new bactericides and fungicides for disease management in apple, cherry (sweet and tart cherry), and peach.

CSU Cytosphera Update >>
Dr. Ioannis S. Minas Bio:
Assistant Professor in Pomology, Dept. Horticulture and Landscape Architecture located at Western Colorado Research Center - Orchard Mesa, Colorado State University. In 2014 he received his PhD in Pomology and Postharvest Physiology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
Dr. Jane E. Stewart Bio: Assistant Professor in Plant Pathology, Dept. Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management, Colorado State University. She received her master's degree in forestry from the University of Vermont and Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Washington State University.

Babydoll southdown sheep
Bus Tour

Tracy Bundy Concert

2016 Awardees at Banquet

2016 Awardees at Banquet
2015 WCHS 72nd Convention
January 13, 2015 — Tour
Ewell Culbertson, Fortunate Fruit
Jack Graff, Better Compost
Orchard Valley Farms & Market/Blackbridge Winery
Field to Fork CSA
Food Bank of the Rockies
January 14-15, 2015 Program (pdf slide downloads)
Opening session

2014 WCHS 71st Convention
January 14, 2014 — Tour
Rogers Mesa Research Center
Leroux Creek apple nursery
Silver Spruce Orchard
Orchard Mesa Research Center wine making facility
Nolands Orchard
Kaibab Sauvage vineyard
Dennis Clark’s orchard
January 15-16, 2014 Program (pdf slide downloads)
CSU extension booth

Orchard Tour

2014 Awardees at Banquet
2013 WCHS 70th Convention
January 15, 2013 — Tour
Orchard Mesa Research Center
Williams Orchard Packing Shed, Cedaredge
C & R Farms
Peach Street Distillers
January 16, 2013 Program (pdf slide downloads)
January 17, 2013 Program (pdf slide downloads)
lyre trellising system
2013 wchs trade show
award winners at wchs banquet
2012 WCHS 69th Conference
January 17, 2012 — Tour
Orchard Mesa Research Center
Neil Guard Orchard & Vineyard
Orchard Valley Farms
Mesa Winds Farm

January 18, 2012 Program (pdf slide downloads)
January 19, 2012 Program (pdf slide downloads)
Neil Guard's orchard, 2012 tour
2012 Exhibits hall
2012 wchs awards, banquet
2011 WCHS 68th Annual Conference
January 18, 2011 — Tour
Rogers Mesa Experiment Station
Carl & Mary Rasmussen
Talbott Farms
Sage Creations Organic Farm
Grand River Winery
January 19, 2011 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Mike Omeg, Management of Barn Owls for Rodent Control
  • Ron Godin, Alternative Crops-Hops
  • Dick Nunnamaker, The Plight of the Honey Bee
  • Mike Omeg, Using Bats in Tree Fruit Pest Management
  • Ramesh Pokharel, Cytospora Canker management in Peaches
  • Kelli Hepler, "Now That's Agritainment"
  • Agri-tourism Panel Discussion: Doug Caskey as Moderator, Kelli Hepler, Wendy White, Dennis Clark, Kathy Riley
  • Meet the Speakers
January 20, 2011 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Craig Reggelbrugge, Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform
  • Mike Omeg, Commercial Cherry Varieties for Modern Orchard Systems
  • Ramesh Pokharel, Non-Chemical Apple Thinning
  • Rob Bleiberg, Director of Mesa Land Trust
  • Curt Swift, Lavender
  • WCHS Business Meeting
  • Lee Sommers, Future Directions of CSU Agricultural Research
  • Ron Godin, Soil Fertilization for Fruit Production
  • "Transition to Organic" Panel Discussion: Mitch Yergert, Colo. Dept of Ag., Larry Traubel, Steve Ela
  • Banquet, Phelyx the Magician & The Palisade Historical Society presentation
Hops yard

Speaker Presentations (pdf)

Mike Omeg, Barn Owls | Bats | Cherry Varieties
Ron Godin, Hops | Soil Fertilization
Dick Naunnamaker, Honey Bee
Ramesh Pokharel, Cytospora | Apple Thinning
Rob Bleiberg, Conserving Land
Curt Swift, Lavender
Lee Sommers, CSU Research
2010 WCHS 67th Annual Conference
January 19, 2010 — Tour
Triple M Orchards
Williams Orchards
CSU Western Colorado Research Center
The Peach Fork
January 20, 2010, Program Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Private Pesticide Applicator Requirements, Brian Koontz, Program Specialist, Colo. Dept. of Agric
  • Fertilization of Peaches with Emphasis on Zinc Nitrogen and Calcium, Dr. Scott Johnson, Extension Pomologist, Univ. of Calif., Davis, Kearney
  • Integrating New Insecticides into Orchard Insect Management Programs, Dr. Peter McGhee, Tree Fruit Entomologist, Michigan St. Univ.
  • Value-Added and Grants Products, Patty Snidow, USDA Area Director
  • Codling Moth and Oriental Fruit Moth Management Using Mating Disruption, Dr. Peter McGhee, Tree Fruit Entomologist, Michigan St. Univ.
  • New Updates on Fruit Virus Diseases in Western Colorado, Dr. Ramesh Pokharel, Colo State University, WCRC
  • Meet the Speakers in the Exhibit Hall
January 20, 2010 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Performance of Cool Climate Grape Varieties in Delta County, Horst Caspari, Professor/Viticulturist, Colo. St. Univ., WCRC
  • New Approaches to Stone Fruit Thinning, Dr. Scott Johnson, Extension Pomologist, Univ. of Calif., Davis, Kearney
  • Management Strategies and Control Tactics for Secondary Pests, Dr. Peter McGhee, Tree Fruit Entomologist, Michigan St. Univ.
  • WCHS Business Meeting
  • Peach & Apple Production in Organic vs. Conventional Management Systems, Dr. Ramesh Pokharel, Colo State University, WCRC
  • Peachtree Borer Management is Anything but Boring, Dr. Peter McGhee, Tree Fruit Entomologist, Michigan St. Univ.
  • Soil Fertility, Dr.Ron Godin, Colo. St. Univ., WCRC
  • Rootstocks and Training Systems for Peaches, Dr. Scott Johnson, Extension Pomologist, Univ. of Calif., Davis, Kearney
  • Cherry Fruitworm, European Grapevine Moth, and Spotted Wing Drosophila, Bob Hammon, Colo. St. Univ., Tri River Area Extension, Grand Junction
  • Banquet Speaker: Paul Friday — What Do You Get When You Cross a Goat With a Spider? $2.00 bills and Life After Honey Crisp

orchard pruning demo

Williams packing shed

Awards, Bruce Talbott, Larry Traubel

2009 WCHS 66th Annual Conference
January 13, 2009— Tour
Hulteen Orchards
Swartz’s Market
Mesa County Compost
Talbott Farms Dried Fruit
Orchard Mesa Irrigation District
January 14, 2009 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • DVD movie, "Broken Limbs"
  • New Food Economy, Dr. John Ikerd
  • The "How" of Composting, Dr. Jessica Davis
  • The "Why" of Composting: Salt & Alkalinity Problems, Dr. Jessica Davis
  • Water Outlook for Farmers, Eric Kuhn
  • Labor / Immigration Issues, Dr. Richard Baca, Ph.D.
  • Panel Discussion: PR for Farmers, Lee Whitney, Ryan/Whitney LLC; Leigh Fortson, CSU Extension; Nancy Lofholm, Media; Charlie Talbott, Farmer; Leif Johnson, moderator
  • Meet the Speakers
Thursday, January 15, 2009 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Tamarisk Biocontrol, Dan Bean
  • Surviving Farm Financials, Dr. John Ikerd
  • Fertility of Newly Bearing Fruit Trees, Dr. Ron Godin
  • Soil Health Issues, Dr. Ramesh Pokharel
  • WCHS Business Meeting / RMAVV Business Meeting
  • Split Pit / Soft Suture Study Report, Dr. Harold Larsen, Dr. Matt Rogoyski
  • Cytospora Canker: Research Update, Dr. Ramesh Pokharel
  • Sustainable Future, Dr. John Ikerd
  • Solar, Wind, and Hydro Power, Jim Heneghan, DMEA
  • Farmer & Wildlife Interactions, Frank McGee, Colorado Department of Wildlife
  • WCHS Banquet


John Ikerd Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Agriculture Economics, University of Missouri, Columbia
Jessica Davis Ph.D., Professor, Department of Soil & Crop Sciences, Colorado State University
Eric Kuhn, General Manager of the Colorado River Water Conservation District
Richard Baca, Ph.D., Regional Director for Rep. John Salazar, Colorado 3rd Congressional District
Dan Bean, Director of Biological Pest Control, Colorado Department of Agriculture and Manager of the Palisade Insectary
Lee Whitney, Co-founder and partner of Ryan, Whitney & Company in Grand Junction, a marketing, advertising, and communications firm
Harold Larsen Ph. D., Colorado State University, Western Colorado Research Center. Interim Manager
Ramesh Pokharel, Ph. D., Colorado State University, Western Colorado Research Center
Leigh Fortson, Regional Communications Coordinator for Colorado State University
Nancy Lofholm, Local Media Representative (reporter, The Denver Post)
Leif Johnson, Palisade Chamber of Commerce
Ron Godin, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Rogers Mesa Research Station
Matt Rogoyski, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Western Colorado Research Station
Jim Heneghan, Renewable Energy Engineer, Delta Montrose Electrical Association
Frank McGee, District Wildlife Manager, Colorado Division of Wildlife

2008 WCHS 65th Annual Conference
January 15, 2008 — Tour
Silver Spruce Orchards
Red Mountain Ranches
Lunch @ Pioneer Town
Noland Orchards
Alida's Fruits

January 16, 2008 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Understanding Peach Fruit Growth and Development, Dr. Ted DeJong
  • Growing Blueberries on Upland Soil: Can and should it be done? Dr. Brent Black
  • When Wholesale Aspects of Fruit Marketing Becomes Difficult, Jerry Mills
  • Japanese Beetle Update, Bob Hammon
  • Taking the "Art" Out of Pruning, Part 1, Dr. Ted DeJong
  • Responding to Letters from the Social Security Administration,
    Betty Bechtel
  • Establishing a Made From Scratch Bakery, Jerry Mills
  • Taking the "Art" Out of Pruning, Part 2, Dr. Ted DeJong
  • Orchard Irrigation Principles, Dr. Brent Black
  • Meet the Speakers
Thursday, January 17, 2008 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • The Major Effects of Spring Temperatures, Dr. Ted DeJong
  • WCRC Update, Dr. Harold Larsen
  • Stone Fruit Diseases — Any New Answers? Dr. Ramesh Pokharel
  • Scratch Baking In Volume, Jerry Mills
  • WCHS General Membership Meeting
  • Establishing A Roadside Market — Things to Think About, Jerry Mills
  • Season Extension Technologies for the Intermountain West,
    Dr. Brent Black
  • Improving Orchards Grower Panel Discussion
  • WCHS Banquet


Ted DeJong, Ph.D., Pomology Specialist, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Jerry Mills, Owner/Operator, Mills Apple Farm, Marine, IL
Brent Black, Ph.D., Extension Fruit Specialist, Utah State University
Ramesh Pokharel, Ph.D., Plant Pathologist/Nematologist, Colorado State University, Western Colorado Research Center
Harold Larsen, Ph.D., Interim Manager, Colorado State University, Western Colorado Research Center
Bob Hammon, Area Extension Agent, (Entomology/Agronomy), Colorado State University, Tri River Area Extension
Betty Bechtel, Attorney, Specializing in Employment Law Services, Bechtel & Santo LLP

2007 WCHS 64th Annual Conference
January 16, 2007— Tour
First Fruits Organic Farms
Lunch @ Bill Heddles Recreational Center
Dominguez Canyon Fruits
Mesa Shadow's Orchard
Peach Street Distillery

January 17, 2007 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Overview of Stone and Pome Fruit Research at University of Idaho, Essie Fallahi
  • Are Thrips Scarring Your Fruitgrowing Future? Walt Bentley
  • Alternative Fruit Crops Including Table Grapes, Essie Fallahi
  • Japanese Beetle in Our Own Backyard? Jude Sirota
  • WCHS Business Meeting
  • Labor issues on the Federal Level, Greg Walcher
  • Colorado's New Labor Laws and Their Effects on You, Betty Bechtel
  • Private Pesticide Applicator Changes for 2007, John Scott
  • Experience Colorado — Innovations in Marketing, Theresa High
  • Discoveries in Bioregulators.   Can we finally spray thin peaches? Essie Fallahi
January 18, 2007 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Choosing the Right Cherry Variety, Lyn Long
  • Is Twig Borer Eating Into Your Profits? Walt Bentley
  • Continuation of the Colorado Apple Administrative Committee. Yes or No? Jonathan Allen, Chairman, Colorado Apple Administrative Committee
  • Think Brown Rot is No Problem on the Western Slope? Think Again, Harold Larsen
  • WCHS General Membership Meeting
  • Managing Cherry Crop Load on Size Controlling Rootstock,
    Lyn Long
  • Grape Mealy Bug, Walt Bentley
  • Cherry Production Around the World from the Travels of Lyn Long
  • Banquet and Entertainment


Jonathan Allen, Chairman, Colorado Apple Administrative Committee
Dr. Walt Bentley, Kearny Agriculture Center, Fresno CA. Entomologist
Dr. Essie Fallahi, Professor and Research Director, Pomology Program University of Idaho
Theresa High, Chairperson-Experience Colorado
Dr. Harold Larsen, Colorado State University, Plant Pathologist, Orchard Mesa Research Center
Lyn Long, Extension Horticulturist Oregon State University
Jude Sirota, Mesa County   Pest Control District
John Scott, Colorado Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Applicator Licensing
Betty Bechtell,Attorney, Bechtell and Santo LLP, Grand Junction, CO
Greg Walcher, President of Natural Resources Group, Washington, D.C.

2006 WCHS 63th Annual Conference
January 12, 2006 — Tour
Meet the Speakers: Beverage and hors d'Oeuvres in the exhibit hall
January 13, 2006 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Improving Spray Application:  Technology and Common Sense, Dr. Andrew Landers
  • To Replant or What to Replant, That is the Question, Clark Seavert
  • Earwigs & Wasps, Rick Zimmerman
  • Competitive Orchard Systems 2015 — A Proposed National Initiative, Clark Seavert
  • Yellow Trees, Practical Experiences of Area Growers Panel Discussion
  • Better Coverage Less Drift:  Spray Techniques for Improved Fruit Quality, Dr. Andrew Landers
  • Looking for Alternatives To Methyl Bromide for Orchard Renovation and Soil Fumigation, Dr Harold Larsen
January 14, 2006 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • WCHS General Membership Meeting
  • How to Work the System:  Contracting for Seasonal Labor, David Donaldson
  • Improving Deposition & Reducing Drift in the Vineyard, Dr. Andrew Landers
  • Targeted Fruit, If it Packs, It Pays!
  • Banquet and Entertainment

2006 Banquet

2004 WCHS 61th Annual Conference
January 20, 2004 — Tour
Meet the Speakers
January 21—22, 2004 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Charlene Jewell on California Stone Fruit Post-Harvest Technologies and Practices
  • Dr. David Carlson "Agricultural Preservation and Development Associations"
  • Japanese Beetle in Western  Colorado.
  • Additional speakers
  • Banquet and Entertainment


Anita Azarenko, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
Paul Friday, breeder and Marketer of Flamin' Fury peaches
John Caldwell, Viticulturist, Caldwell Vineyards, Napa, CA

2003 WCHS 60th Annual Conference
January 15, 2003 — Tour
WCRC Orchard Mesa
Lee Bradley’s Farm Market and Orchards
Canyon Wind Winery
Meet the Speakers at St. Kathryn Cellars
January 16, 2003 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Peach Mineral Nutrition Management, Wes Asai
  • So You Want To Grow Cherries? George Ing
  • If Customers Aren't Buyin', You Aren't Survivin', Dr. Jerry Moorman
  • WCHS Business Meeting
  • Biodiversity of Apple Antioxidants:  Nature's Well-Kept Secret, Dr. Cecil Stushnoff
  • Yellow Peach Trees-Reversing the Syndrome Organic Research Update, Dr. Ron Godin
  • Common Problems Growing Peaches in California, Wes Asai
  • Stone Fruit Variety Test Results, George Ing
  • Organic Fruit Marketing Research Project, Jonathan Allen
  • Colorado Apple Administrative Committee Update
  • Colorado Apple Administrative Committee meeting
January 17, 2003 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Canopy Management to Increase Quality, Dr. Keith Patterson
  • Grapeleaf Skeletonizer & Japanese Beetle in Western Colorado, Bob Hammon
  • Cherries-Variety and Rootstock Options — Spreading the Season, George Ing
  • Impacts of the National Organic Program on the Fruit Industry, Thomas Cameron
  • The Impact of Green Manures and Weed Mat on Soil Micro-organisms, Dr. Rick Zimmerman
  • Irrigation Practices to Maximize Quality, Dr. Keith Patterson
  • Partial Root Zone Drying of Apples — an Update, Dr. Horst Caspari
  • Stone Fruit Flavor:  A Progress Report — Eric Gaarde
  • Frost Protection Strategies and Options — Dr. Harold Larsen
  • Banquet and Entertainment

2002 WCHS 59th Annual Conference
January 15, 2002 — Tour
Noland Orchard
WCRC Orchard Mesa & Lunch
Sunshine Mesa Vineyard
Kropp Brothers’ Orchard
Meet the Speakers at St. Kathryn Cellars
January 16, 2002 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Keynote: Common ground for fruit and wine, Doug Caskey
  • Are we better off with less water? Dr. Horst Caspari
  • Powdery Mildew Risk Assessment Model, Dr. Doug Gubler
  • Scouting & assessment of pests and beneficials, Andy Kahn & Naná Simone
  • Making an impact: Organic research for Colorado, Steve Ela
  • Grapevine Declines, Dr. Doug Gubler
  • Making the best use of chemicals for weed control, Dr. Eugene Hogue
  • Bio-rational Herbicides, Megan Gross
  • Panel discussion: Exploring new applications of oils.
    Dr. Gubler, Dr. Larsen, A. Kahn and N. Simone.  Moderator:  Larry Traubel
January 17, 2002 Program, Exhibitors and Trade Show
  • Public attitudes about Ag in Colorado, Jim Rubingh
  • Bloom Delay 2001, Dr. Harold Larsen
  • Organic Certification in Colorado, NOPe! Don Gallegos
  • Alternative weed control effects on tree vigor, yield and soil quality, Dr. Eugene Hogue
  • Int'l Peach Conference, Dr. Matt Rogoyski
  • WCHS Business Meeting
  • Backyard fruit tree buyout, Jude Sirota
  • Plum Curculio approaches, Dr. Rick Zimmerman
  • Quarantine to manage pests, Mitch Yergert
  • Yellow Peach Tree Syndrome: The Soil & Water Angle, Dr. Ron Godin
  • Soft response to population booms, Andy Kahn & Naná Simone
  • Banquet and Entertainment


Doug Caskey, Colorado Wine Industry Development Board
Dr. Horst Caspari, Viticulturist, Western Colorado Research Center at Orchard Mesa, Grand Jct., CO
Steve Ela, Colorado Organic Crop Management Association
Don Gallegos, CO Dept. of Agriculture, Lakewood, CO
Dr. Doug Gubler, Pathologist, University of California at Davis , CA
Dr. Ron Godin, Soil Scientist, Western Colorado Research Center at Rogers Mesa , Hotchkiss , CO
Megan Gross, Eagle County Cooperative Extension
Dr. Eugene Hogue, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Summerland , BC
Andy Kahn, Field Entomologist, Wenatchee , WA
Dr. Harold Larsen, Fruit Pathologist, Western Colorado Research Center at Orchard Mesa, Grand Jct., CO
Dr. Matt Rogoyski, Horticulturalist, Western Colorado Research Center at Orchard Mesa, Grand Jct., CO
Jim Rubingh, CO Dept.of Agriculture, Lakewood, CO
Naná Simone, Field Entomologist, Outlook, WA
Mitch Yergert, CO Dept.of Agriculture, Lakewood, CO
Dr. Rick Zimmerman, Entomologist, Western Colorado Research Center at Rogers Mesa , Hotchkiss , CO

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