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2015-16 WCHS Board of Directors, Contact Us

Directors are nominated and elected at the January Annual Conference for a three year term. Their primary responsibility is to organize the annual convention, speakers, facilities, publicity, awards, sponsors and trade show. They do a great job — our tours and programs are heavily attended and provide valuable information to Western Colorado growers.

Name Responsibility Phone #
Wink Davis President 970.250.4788
Paola Legarre co-Vice President 970.623.9556
John Murray co-Vice President, Trade Show 970.323.5291
Dan Kroll Trade Show 480.254.3025
Rob Talbott co-Vice President, Program 970.986.0498
Frank Stonaker Program 970.420.2972
Natasha Hickman Treasurer 940.778.7390
Kaibab Sauvage Facilities 970.210.0422
Rich Parrish Sponsorships 970.210.1036
Eric Favier Tour, Sponsorships 850.508.1636
Anita Hix Secretary, Registration 970.361.7266
Brittany Dunn Tour, Registration 970.773.4637
Mike Fuller Past President, 2017 Scholarship 970.464.7121
Max Eisele Webmaster 719.227.1396

Previous Officers of the Western Colorado Horticultural Society Board of Directors

All of our board members are volunteers. Their contributions over the years are greatly appreciated. Download a pdf listing of WCHS Presidents and Secretaries beginning with the year 1944.

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